Android Screen Mirroring Activation (USB)



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BMW & MINI Android Screen Mirroring Activation and FSC set (USB)


Enable Android Screen Mirroring by USB


We will send you the Activation File within 15 minutes – 24 hours (Business hours). Please leave your VIN/CHASSIS number and and choose your REGION.


In order for this feature to work, your BMW & Mini must have been manufactured after July 2016, or your car software must have been updated in July 2016 or later.


Do you have an Android phone and a WiFi antenna in your BMW? Consider yourself lucky because you can activate a super functional feature – screen mirroring – with the help of quick and ‘painless’ coding. Use Google Maps, listen to your favorite music on Spotify and enjoy your BMW to the maximum

*Please make sure that your smartphone provides the screen mirroring function because not all Android devices support it. Note also that Android Screen Mirroring works exclusively when the car is parked. If you wish to use it while the car is on the road, add the Video & Services in Motion coding to your order. If you already have this feature activated, then Android Screen Mirroring should work when the car is on the move.