BMW Apple Carplay FullScreen + Video in motion Activation (USB)



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BMW & MINI Apple CarPlay (Fullscreen) + Video in motion Activation (USB)


Unlocked BMW & MINI Apple CarPlay (FullScreen Mode) + Video in motion Activation

Apple Carplay FULL Screen support iLevel lower version 18-11

  • iLevel isn’t over version 18-11 and Map Version *Between version NBTevo_(N, O, P)
  • Firmware iDrive Version *Go to My Vehicles -> iDrive setting -> Software update -> Show current (Not over
  •       Workplace


We will send you the code within 15 minutes – 24 hours (Business hours). Please leave your VIN/CHASSIS number and choose your REGION.

Request additional your car information for check compatibility.
Please take a photo your iDrive to me.
1. Map version
on menu : Go to Navigation -> Press Options button -> Select Navigation settings -> Scroll down to Position and version -> Select version information
2. iDrive firmware version
on menu : Go to My Vehicles -> iDrive setting -> Software update -> Show current

In order for this feature to work, your BMW & Mini must have been manufactured after July 2016, or your car software must have been updated in July 2016 or later.

Apple’s CarPlay lets you connect an iPhone to your BMW & Mini and use iOS apps on the factory iDrive display. Use Google Maps for navigation, access your iTunes library or send texts via Siri voice command.